Exploring Yellowstone Pt 1 + Time to Move the House(er…Tent)

Yellowstone without reservations! What were we thinking? But boy did we find a winner. Just off Denny Creek Rd are 3 US Forest Service campgrounds with available sites just for the taking. We did have to move mid-week to another spot, but that only consists of picking up the tent and walking it across the path. Sometimes it pays to have a portable house!

Once settled, it was time to tour the immense Yellowstone to our heart’s content.  There is literately miles and miles of road between each destination that you’ll long get tired of riding before you get tired of discovering everything that Yellowstone has to offer.

We took a break from Yellowstone and made a side trip to Quake Lake. Right across the lake from our campsite is a special place known as Quake Lake – formed in 1959 when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake caused a massive landslide that traveled at over 100 miles per hour, effectively damming the Madison River, whipping out an entire campground and sweeping cabins away. It’s rather a somber reminder of the power of Mother Nature.

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