Boy, Does It Get COLD!!! Exploring Yellowstone Pt2

Many subscribers have asked us about our winter plans. We hadn’t given much thought to it – until now. This brief cold snap has started the wheels churning about just when ARE we going to be heading south – soon, but not yet is our answer.

We escape the crowds and hit the hiking trail, exploring Slough Creek trail, but it doesn’t take us long to find where everyone else is when we venture to Old Faithful.

If you want to really experience Yellowstone, it’s highly recommended that you get off your bike or out of your vehicle (something that only 1 out of 100 visitors do) and explore a trail or two. Slough Creek Trail was an awesome day hike and you literally feel as though you are all alone in the most beautiful place in Montana.

We did ride to Old Faithful – figured it was a once in a lifetime thing to see. Great timing because Old Faithful erupted within minutes of us getting there, so we didn’t have to hang around in the crowds. We were in, saw Old Faithful up close and personal and then back on the road again within 15 minutes.

Now we’re off to South Dakota to see Sturgis after the Sturgis rally – it’s time to ride the Black Hills!

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Milwaukee tool company makes battery powered sweatshirts and jackets. Just a suggestion after watching you two freeze:) They’re not cheap but work as advertised. I can’t speak for the other companies that make them. Keep making good videos you two! I enjoy watching, very jealous of your lifestyle.

Travis Domke December 02, 2020

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