The End of Tent Living – Or Is it?

We’re cutting our journey to the east coast sooner than expected and you’ll be surprised what finally did us in.

It’s a bitter sweet moment as we spend our last nights in the tent - stay tuned for our future announcement of what we have planned for our next season – we hope you love it as much as we do!

Rich & Chris ❤️


Thanks for sharing.
Carol & I are not in for the full time camping experience but we’ve been going 2 – 3 times week to 2 week rips for he last few years and I have been doing motorcycle camping trips for years. Carol’s retiring soon so we’ll be following your lead with longer & more frequent trips. Picked up our Bushtec Roadstar trailer a few weeks ago. Lot’s of great roads, campgrounds, etc. in MI, WI, MN. Check it out.

Raymond Burandt March 17, 2021

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RobertSquig February 11, 2021

I love watching you guys. I love your relationship. I love watching how you treat each other. I love watching your adventures. I am not interested in staying in a tent myself. I’ll watch you guys. I wouldn’t mind taking our 5th wheel with the bikes loaded in it and travel the country that way. Maybe when we retire. In the mean while I will watch you guys and take notes. Have a blessed day and keep the shiny side up.

Evelyn Lambert February 08, 2021

You two have helped us decide on our future after watching your videos. We’re going to start our adventure this summer on our 2013 Heritage Softail pulling a camper trailer. Not sure which one yet. Maybe the Leesure Lite. We’re getting close to 70 and it seems the best for us.
Thanks for all you info and kind manner you present. You guys are the best. Hope to cross paths soon.
Patrice & John Krivulka
Ocean City, NJ

Patrice & John Krivulka February 08, 2021

I think what you are doing is Great , and what to thank you for sharing it with us, good luck it the New Tent ,should work out great , wishing you the very best , Godspeed

Bryan Mitchell February 08, 2021

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