Popup Motorcycle Trailer – What’s That?

Let’s go back to the beginning – we’ve been living this past year in an 8x10 REI Kingdom 6 tent. And this tent has seen a lot of action. We always knew that the tent was only going to be temporary – in fact we lived in it a lot longer than even we expected. When we first headed out our kids were even taking bets that we would only last a month. (guess we proved them wrong)

And our tent was giving us problems – the zippers were wearing out and not working half the time. And who wants to struggle with a zipper in the dark, in the middle of the night when you have to pee like a race horse?

We thought we’d go into some sort of camper and tow the bikes, but for now that just doesn’t appeal to us. While traveling this summer we met several people who towed popup motorcycle trailers and they looked pretty cool. So long story short – that’s what we found.

Please welcome to our family our new (to us) 2008 Bunkhouse Motorcycle Camper named Ruby. Set up and tear down are now a breeze and her king size bed have us absolutely spoiled.

Rich & Chris


Would be interested on what products n materials required for your light set up w/ charging system

Wayne Ford March 11, 2021

Thank you for sharing. love watching your adventures!

Steven D Lowe March 04, 2021

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