ON THE ROAD AGAIN! - First Tow with the New Bunkhouse Camper

While winter has settled in for most of the country, it’s time to head deep south on the motorcycles for warmer pastures.  Today we’re bound for McLean, Arizona and the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Refuge, which comes complete with free camping and 10,000+ of the noisiest birds around. 

But we don’t mind in the least – it’s warm(er) and who can complain when you’re riding a motorcycle.

Rich & Chris ❤️


Very good show aslo put together good will keep watching!!

Robert Hanson March 20, 2021

We live in Washington been riding 40 plus years I love your videos we would love to ride with the 2 of you

Tracy Jordan March 06, 2021

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ZrgMQ February 23, 2021

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