She said “STOP” and you won’t believe why!

After so many weeks of motorcycle camping on the road, it was time to get back to basecamp and take care of some housekeeping issues.  Maybe we’re being too picky, but our tent choice still wasn’t up to snuff, Chris’ Sena 10C Pro had finally bitten the dust, a quick visit to the doctor was in order and much more.

We get asked a lot just how far back our videos are from where we are in real time.  And yes, it’s true, sometimes we get so carried away with filming and having fun that we’re posting spring videos in the heat of summer. 

But we’ve always wanted a bit of a buffer to help balance life/work.  Having those extra videos ready to be edited and produced allows us to hit the reset button and catch up on a lot of things that can’t get done from the seat of a motorcycle. 

Plus, we’ve always looked at this buffer as an insurance policy, so to speak.  We all know that motorcycle riding is a dangerous sport and just in case one of us is even slightly injured and can’t ride for a bit, we can still produce videos and keep the channel running during the healing process.

And that’s exactly where we find ourselves today.  Despite our numerous spills and falls, Chris has managed to break something.  A quick visit to a doctor confirms the diagnosis, but even broken bones can’t keep us off the road for long.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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