Surviving the HEAT! 1100 miles in 3 days

In our last episode, we’d just finished the Blue Ridge Parkway and now it was time to start heading west.  Heat exhaustion is no joke!! We battle some extremely hot days (and nights) on the road and in the tent. 

In the end, it was time to pay a quick visit to Basecamp and hit the reset button for the next adventure. 

Rich & Chris ❤️

2 comments 9/13/22

서울오피 September 13, 2022

It seems to me that you guys should have warm weather gear. Mesh jackets and smart wool or Under Armor heat gear would work the best. I live in Missouri and experience heat and humidity this is what works the best. I am a long time subscriber who love and appreciates what you do!

Phil September 05, 2022

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