We’re firm believers in that we learn something new every day, which makes us more flexible to make changes with our channel.  So, find out what’s in store for our upcoming season of motorcycle travel as we go over the changes we’ve recently made.

Welcome back, Miss Alice.  We put a cover on Rich’s 09 Harley Davidson last fall and headed out on adventures without her.  She was in need of some very intensive TLC at a service shop, which needed to be done before taking her on the road again.  This episode finds us taking care of business and getting Miss Alice restored to her former glory.  Rich is beyond excited!

Interested in knowing what was done to Miss Alice?  The following list details it all:

Rings on pistons

Cam plate


Push rods

255 torque cam

Cam chains

Fuel line

Oil pump

Air temp gauge

Map sensor

Voltage gauge


Hand side controls

Top end done

cylinders honed 

That's it and probably a whole lot more.  lol

Rich & Chris ❤️

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