Historic Route 66 brings us to Oatman, Arizona – a former mining town complete with wild roaming burros that you don’t want to hit on a motorcycle.  I can’t tell you how many times we rode the Arizona Sidewinder - 9 miles with 191 curves – between Oatman and Cool Springs, but it was a lot. 

Such an insane road to ride!  It’s easy to see why some travelers used to pay the locals to drive their car over it.

The area is just stunning to ride through and Route 66 doesn’t disappoint with it quirky roadside attractions.  Not to be missed is Cool Springs Service Station (gas pumps no longer in use so come prepared), which was built in the 1920s, Giganticus Headicus, standing at 14 feet tall and evoking the image of a tiki head, ramshackled Hackberry General Store and not to be missed Fish Bowl Springs, which the locals keeps stocked with goldfish. 

These places, just like the Mother Road itself, refuse to fade away. With renewed interest in Route 66, and the growing popularity of getting off the Interstate to rediscover America, we’re happy to report that these roadside attractions are alive and well, just waiting for you to roll in and say “Howdy”!

All this and much more in this episode – so glad to have you join us!

Rich & Chris

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