Careful - What's Around That Corner? - MOTORCYCLE TRAVELS

While still in the Oatman, Arizona area we stumbled on a ride to some pretty cool labyrinths and petroglyphs.  This was just one of those random motorcycle rides we’re known to do – to just ride and see where the road takes us.  And we’re always pleasantly surprised when we come across unexpected, out-of-the-way places that make you scratch your head and wonder.

Laughlin Labyrinths is a series of labyrinths built in the Nevada desert designed to help lost souls find their peaceful center – not that a motorcycle ride doesn’t do that as well, but it’s still fun to wander around. 

Then there are more hidden treasures to be discovered at the Grapevine Canyon petroglyphs, where over 700 petroglyphs can be found along a slot canyon. These petroglyphs are in Grapevine Canyon on Spirit Mountain near Laughlin and are listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. The area also is known as Christmas Tree Pass.  

Rich & Chris ❤️

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