Time to Explore the LONE STAR STATE!! 🇺🇸

This kicks off our great exploration of TEXAS!  Yahoo!

Looking for a little Texas inspiration?  There are places where you can literally step back in time – take Dinosaur State Park for example.  And while there’s a lot of things to miss about childhood, there’s one fun thing you can still enjoy as an adult - take a motorcycle ride out to Dinosaur State Park.

With a name like “Dinosaur”, we thought it might be one of the tacky, gimmicky tourist traps, but we were amazed at how awesome it really was. 

A quick hike down to the river and you’re actually stepping where dinosaurs trend so long ago. Our favorite was the Ballroom, where the dinosaur tracks are going every-which-way.  It’s said that it appears the dinosaurs were dancing.  We think they were running from something bigger that was trying to eat them.  lol

Hard to believe, but there actually is free camping in Texas and we found some to launch our motorcycles and explore the area. 

Rich & Chris ❤️

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