While camping we OVERPACKED and the bikes are OVERLOADED! – What to do?

While camping the day started with a confession of sorts – we’ve overpacked and the bikes are overloaded.  But a quick trip to the local post office takes care of most of the problem and then it’s time for some exploring.  

It really doesn’t matter which direction you take while exploring Georgia on motorcycle – just about every road is amazing.  We set out on Warwoman Road, originally a Native American Indian trail, now paved and just begging us to ride and explore it.

Plenty of action can be found at Goats on the Roof, where actual goats wander and live on top of a restaurant’s roof, pleading and bleating for handouts. 

Further down Warwoman Road there’s a hidden turnoff where a hike to some awesome waterfalls was in order.

Thanks for coming along and enjoying the adventure.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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I am a retired tractor trailer instructor; I want to buy a camper to hook to my Harley. Big difference between 18 wheels and 4 wheels. I have been riding ever since I was 8 years old, what is a good camper that will suid all my needs to travel this country on motorcycle?

MARK BEST March 27, 2024

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