IT’S RAINING! IT’S POURING! The Old man….(ain’t happy) | MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL (GA EP1 6/5)

For the first time in many years, we find ourselves doing a cross country motorcycle trip just on motorcycles.  We’ve always traveled with some sort of pull-behind motorcycle trailer and it was quite the experience to fit everything we needed for camping on just the bikes.

Were we successful?  Yes and No!

We were also on a time schedule, which forced us to ride in adverse road conditions we normally wouldn’t have.  But we needed to be in Georgia by a certain date to speak at the Georgia MOA Rally, so off we road – overloaded and dripping wet for most of the way there.

Lots of lessons are learned and shared in this episode.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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Hi Chris & Rich some time I would like to find a way to show you our motorcycle restraining device that we had patented a few years ago. We had a bike strap break in 2005 on the way to Sturgis and when we got home the quest began to find a strapless way to haul and we now for years have used this no strap/no worry way to haul our bikes and go to Sturgis every year and have NEVER had another episode. No more stopping at rest areas to check on the bikes it is fail safe. Thinking it would be perfect for you two and would be willing to set you up. Just let me know how to send you a video or two of how they work and I assure you you will be amazed at how simple they work. We can load our two bikes in the trailer in less than 5 min. And that is just one person doing it. Shoot me a text if your interested. Phone number is 712-310-1702 that is in Honey Creek Iowa would love to hear from you! Pinkie Bauer

Pinkie Bauet June 14, 2022

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