THERE’S TOO MUCH! | What you shouldn’t miss in the Texas Hill Country!

What’s the Big Deal About Texas Hill Country?  A LOT!

In this episode you’ll find us tearing up the Texas Hill Country roads on the motorcycles.   and exploring Kerrville, Luckenbach (where “everybody is somebody” according to the self-proclaimed mayor), Stonehenge II/Easter Island Heads, Lyndon B. Johnson – both the state park and & the national historic park, along with miles and miles of riding.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next riding/traveling adventure here.


Even if you think you've exhausted all the bucket list-worthy motorcycle riding destinations in Texas, there's one place you probably haven't considered.  Why choose between twisty, curvy motorcycle riding routes and long, smooth sweeper riding routes when you could have both?

Sink your teeth into both the 3 Twisted Sisters Route (see our previous episode) and riding what’s called the 3 Brothers Route.  Twice as long as the Twisted Sisters, with definitely more straightaways, it’s a unique ride all on its own.  Made especially for those riders who love cranking on the miles with lots to see.

We hope these last 4 episode have inspired y’all to come check out the Texas Hill Country!!

Rich & Chris ❤️

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We full-time RV and are currently in Lufkin, Texas for the winter. Thanks for showing us what we need to put on our bucket list to see in the hill country. My husband rides, but I do not…yet. You have inspired me to save $$ so I can get a Can-Am, and ride with my husband. Would love to get him a balaclava for his birthday, and was wondering what kind would you recommend. Thank you and safe travels.

Shar Sanders February 17, 2022

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