WIND STORM - NEVER Again!! – Motorcycle Tiny Living Camper

When you travel on a motorcycle, you tend to become one with your weather app.  When wind advisory notices started popping up with the wind speed ever increasing, we were highly concerned.  Unfortunately, the entire area was about to get hammered, so there wasn’t any place for us to go. 

Join us as we spend our first sleepless night due to 50mph+ wind bursts and you’ll understand when we say “we’re NEVER going to do that again!!

But in the calm before the storm, (actually at this time we didn’t know about the incoming storm) with Arizona winter temperatures in the 70’s we set out to do a bit of exploring while in the area.  Our first stop was the Parker Dam, known as “the deepest dam in the world”.  It’s estimated that 73% of Parker Dam’s 320-ft structural height is buried in the bedrock of the Colorado River.  There was also a long-standing feud between Arizona and California over the water rights that took decades to resolve.  At one point the Arizona National Guard was called out in 1934 to take possession of the territory surrounding the dam site.

From there we headed to the London Bridge – and I mean the actual London Bridge! In the 60’s London officials discovered that the bridge really was falling down - to the tune of one inch every eight years.  Furthermore, this 130-year-old structure was not set up to handle modern traffic and renovations were considered impracticable. It was decided that unless they wanted the bridge to be hauled off to the trash, a buyer needed to be found.

In steps Robert McCulloch, an eccentric millionaire (I mean you’d have to be a bit peculiar to want to buy a bridge all the way across the ocean).  In 1968, he paid $2.46 million and had all 10,000 tons of the bridge relocated to the desert town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  McCulloch’s dream was to create an oasis in the Arizona desert and he thought the London Bridge would be just the attention-grabbing tourist attraction his plans needed.

Today you can actually drive across the bridge, then park and take a walk to gain a deeper appreciation of it – something we highly recommend.

Rich & Chris ❤️


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