A (not so) Average Camping Trip - Motorcycle Tiny Living Camper

In this episode we find ourselves in the very last available primitive camping spot at Lake Pleasant, AZ. Time to do those pesky errands of laundry, grocery shopping, etc….but it slowed us down enough to take stock on some issues with Chris’ bike that will need to be addressed .

Here’s what we learned about camping next to lakes in the Arizona desert – everyone else likes to camp there as well. Rich & I have mellowed in our later years and camping among the party crowd just isn’t much of our thing anymore.
But that’s just where we found ourselves when we camped at the Lake Pleasant Spillway Primitive Campground on Lake Pleasant, just north of Phoenix, AZ.
In true fashion, we managed to make the best of things, enjoyed the area, got caught up on all our errands and even took a ride to scout out a more favorable camping site.

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