Motorcycle Travel Day - TROUBLE ON THE ROAD

Motorcyclists often use the phrase, “It’s the Journey, not the Destination that Matters”, but sometimes, boy, can that journey be a doozy!

In this episode, we leave the primo camping spot outside Garnet Ghost Town and make our way towards Butte, Montana. Part of being a motorcyclist enthusiast is the journey from one location to another. HOWEVER, sometimes those rides can be fraught with more action that one would like while riding.

What with Chris almost hitting a deer, the both of us almost being sideswiped by a frantic volunteer firefighter and then watching a rancher’s whole summer of hard work going up in smoke, it was with much relief that we finally arrived at our campsite – Lowland Campground – outside of Butte, Montana.

As always – Ride Safe!!

Rich & Chris

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