Travel Day To Tennessee + What’s Up With the Harley?

In this episode we leave our final Bunk-a-Biker and make our way to Nashville, TN. But based on information from the locals we make lots of little stops along the way to see some distinct, local attractions.

Out in the middle of nowhere, near Germantown, IL is a massive 1-man labor of love civil war reconstructed fort – created by Bob Eversgerd. Starting in 1984, Bob laid, stone by stone the rock to build the wall that encloses the compound. Entering this fort is like stepping back in time – back to the 1800’s.

Our next stop was Garden of the Gods in Herod, IL. It’s considered one of the most photographed locations in the state and we can see why – with stunning overlooks and amazing hiking trails.

Looking for an awesome place to eat? Look no further than the E-Town River Restaurant in Elizabethtown, IL. Their claim to fame is serving the best catfish in Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. Their motto is “We catch it, cut it, and cook it. You will not find any fresher fish than ours”. As you know, we don’t eat out much, but this was a real treat!

Our last surprise for the day was discovering that the road we were traveling on just ended into a river and the only way to reconnect with our route was to take a ferry across. The Cave-In-Rock Ferry is one of four passenger ferry services that cross the Ohio River into the state of Kentucky.

Then it's on to Nashville to get Miss Alice (the Harley) back into the shop once and for all to resolve the issue of it leaking oil.

Rich & Chris ❤️❤️

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