Lessons learned - While living on Two Wheels

Let’s face it – there are many remote areas of Utah.  What happens when you hit one of those areas and run out of food?  Well, how about taking the most awesome 2-hour ride to the grocery store you’ve even taken!

We went into the Bryce Canyon area without being fully prepared on food and quickly found out that shopping at the local mom and pop in Bryce was going to cost an arm and a leg.  So once a grocery store was found (in Cedar Springs over an hour and a half away), we quickly searched for the most epic route to get there.

And lo and behold, if this route didn’t take us through Mt. Carmel Tunnel, Zion National Park and Kolob Canyons (also part of Zion National Park only 40 miles away).  All this was experienced before riding into Cedar Springs, UT and getting our groceries at a Smith’s Grocery Store.

We should run out of food more often!

Rich & Chris ❤️

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