Time For a 1000 Mile Road Trip!! S5E5

We make our way  to Itasca, Minnesota.  Why?  Actually, several reasons.  First the west is HOT!!  Way too hot for tent living.  And everything's on FIRE!  So, we always wanted to find the source of the Mississippi River and what better time than NOW. 

This sets us up perfectly to tackle the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we just know we’ll find that perfect 70-degree weather.

 And like all road trips, something just has to go sideways for a bit to keep us on our toes.  Rich’s Harley decided she needed a rest out in the middle of absolutely nowhere North Dakota. After that was cleared up, we stopped in the town of Rugby, ND to visit their 15-foot stone monument declaring itself the “Geographical Center of North America.”

And finally we land in Itasca State Park, not only getting to the source of the Mississippi, but also having the opportunity to walk back and forth across the Mighty Mississippi without the water coming up to our ankles – bragging rights!

Rich & Chris ❤️

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