Electop 6 Way Blade Fuse Block Fuse Box Holder, 6 Circuit Car Ato/Atc Fuse Block with LED Indicator Damp-Proof Protection Cover Sticker for Automotive Car Truck Boat Marine RV Van

$16.59 $24.99

Brand: Electop


  • OPTIMAL CONDUCTIVITY - 6-Circuit fuse block box for ATC/ATO(middle size) fuses; It has a positive and negative side, meaning for every positive terminal screw there's a negative terminal screw. Max. 32V DC operating voltage. Max. 30 Amp per circuit & 100 Amp per panel.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFE MATERIAL - Made of environment friendly PBT material, this fuse holder meets all the standards of an ideal fuse box. It is mechanically strong, insulated, heat resistant and flame resistant. There will hardly cause any issue like produce fracture, deformation, combustion or short circuit phenomenon.
  • LED SAFETY INDICATOR - Red LED warning light will light up immediately when the corresponding fuse is blown. It is both safe and easy for you to check and replace the blown fuse.
  • PROTECTION COVER & PRE-PRINTED DIY STICKERS - Transparent plastic cover with push latch system, easy to operate, splash and dust-proof design. Adds extra protection to your fuse box & fuses. Come with multi-function stickers for DIY your specific need, convenient for examination and repair, easy to troubleshoot in outdoor.
  • WIDE APPICATION - This 6-Circuit Blade Fuse Box widely used in Cars, Buses, Tankers, Boat, Marine, Truck, SUV, Yacht, RV, Ships etc.Package includes 1 x 6-Way Blade Fuse Block with Protection Cover,4 x 20A Fuse,4 x 15A Fuse,2 x 10A Fuse,2 x 5A Fuse,4 x Screw,2 x Sticker.

Details: Package includes: 6-Way Blade Fuse Block x 1 5A fuse x 2 10A fuse x 2 15A fuse x 4 20A fuse x 4 Screw x 4 Sticker x 2

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.8 x 2.0 inches

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