WHEN THINGS GO WRONG - Motorcycle Tiny Living Camper

Join us as we discover a bent hitch on Ruby (our tiny motorcycle trailer). These types of unexpected repairs can throw a curve ball into your day, but sometimes we’re simply amazed at the timing of things.

It was just 2 days prior that we met a local who casually informed us of the best metal fabricator shop in the area. While we mentally filed that information away, thinking “Aw, we’ll never need something like that” – lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, we now immediately knew who to go to in order to get the hitch problem fixed.

During our stay in the area, we camped at an alpaca farm off the beaten path near Bisbee, AZ ($5/weeknights & $10/weekends) called “Alpaca My Bags”.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:
Pitch your tent on four primitive acres and enjoy plenty of walking trails and the fire pit on our cool desert evenings. The site is a short walk to the main house, where you will pass a herd of Alpacas. Learn all about the animals, you can even take some Alpaca fiber crafting classes. We love to share our love of Alpacas with everyone.

Rich & Chris

Rich & Chris ❤️

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