When Crashing a Motorcycle Goes Wrong - Making the Most of Things

We’ve all heard the stories of how someone Crashed from friends and family about motorcycle wrecks, but coming across one and seeing it first hand is not something to be taken lightly.  Sadly, our travels take us past a motorcycle mishap – reminding us just how dangerous our beloved sport can be. 

It brings to mind how quickly things can go wrong even for the most vigilant and careful.

Our thoughts and prayers are for everyone to have a safe and grand summer out exploring – keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. 

Rich & Chris ❤️

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Hi. I wanted to reach out to you two about the accident you rode up on June 10th in NC. I was one of the four people praying over my friend that was lying on the roadway. It was determined later that he died of a massive heart attack. He was 77 years old and loved to ride. We rode down to our friend’s house by Maryville TN the Monday before from MN. This was the third time we made the same trip so we could ride the dragon and the hills.
I watch all your videos on U-Tub that I can and love them all especially when you are showing places that I’ve have been. While I was watching your Aug 7th video and came up onto my friend’s accident, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called wife over to watch it and we went over it again and again. We cried and just sat there for a while. July 30 his family had a celebration of life for him, and I lead a 30 bic ride around for about an hour and a half before going to his celebration of life.

John Johnson August 07, 2022

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