We’re NOT Homeless – We just have less home.

Turns out you have to make quite a few decisions when considering living full time on a motorcycle.  After the motorcycle and route decision, the next big one is accommodations – just where are you laying your helmet for the night – Hotel?  Camping? 

Today is the big day – the big reveal of our living arrangements as we travel around the US.  I feel like Goldlocks as we explore our options on size and models of tents – NO, this one’s too big, NO, this one’s too small!

Traveling on motorcycles is a bit different than RV’ing, in that you tend to pack up and move on a more regular basis.  Rich lives for the curves, Chris lives for what’s around that curve.  However, constant motion is draining (remember, we’re not that young anymore).  So, our travels are at a slower pace, consisting of base camp and exploration, then heading on to the next base camp.

With that in mind, we think we’ve found the right tent for our traveling accommodations and needs.  Time will tell just how wisely we chose.  What do ya’ll think?

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