Mississippi River Road Route 🏍🏍 – STARTS NOW!

We're so excited to share the Great River Road (GRR) Route with you!

Having finally made it to the  Great River Road, it was now time to turn those motorcycles south!  Our fears that the GRR would be a bit of a disappointment were entirely unfounded.  From rolling farmlands dotted with sprawling farms, to scenic rides that meander alongside the Mississippi River, there’s so much to see and experience – it’s a route that gets you up and at it each and every day

Though not officially on the GRR, our 1st stop was the Spam museum.  Why?  Rumor had it that on display was a bacon fueled motorcycle.   Not what we were envisioning – something more wrapped in spam or bacon at least.  But it was a quick stop before our final destination of the Great River Bluff State Park and --- you guessed it --- THE GREAT RIVER ITSELF!!

Thanks for joining us and we hope this route inspires you to go check out the GRR for yourself.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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I live on the east side of the Mississippi River just south of Memphis and would love to hook up and perhaps ride a couple of days together. We met at Bryce Canyon and Sam and I are in your vlog To the End of the Rainbow. Cape Girardeau is roughly 170 miles north of me and the GRR runs on the other side of the river from Cape G. Just and idea about a meeting place in that area. Let me know….I also make my own bacon and can bring some as an added incentive. Love the vlog by the way. T

Ted Brechbill November 14, 2021

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