The Desert Dirt & Sand is Kickin’ Our Butts - MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL

Does he, or doesn’t he a ride a 600# ADV motorcycle into the Imperial Sand Dunes?  That’s the question Rich faces when coming upon the Imperial Sand Dunes on an adventure bike. 

If you're looking for adventure around Yuma, Arizona, this episode has a little of everything.  We take a quick ride up to KOFA in search of a future boondocking site, manage to stumble across an abandoned cemetery, the Imperial Sand dunes and an old mine.  There’s just no telling the things you’ll find out in the vast deserted landscape of southern Arizona!

Just be careful when wandering in the desert – as we search for the Valley of No Names we run into a bit of a mishap, and then find ourselves in the midst of an old prison. 

Thanks so much for joining us!  We’re glad you’re here.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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