The Great River Road – Queen of American Road Trips

In this episode, we load the motorcycles up and leave Mark Twain Cave & Campground, saying goodbye to Tom Sawyer, and make our way to Ft. Kaskaskia.  Having so many places to stop and check out can be inspirational and also challenging because we’re having to choose between the fun of riding and the enjoyment of stopping to explore new places along the way. 

We don’t normally stop so much when pulling Ruby – like to set up camp and then go explore.  But the Great River Road just keeps calling you on down her and that’s just what we’re trying to do. 

There is simply no shortage of road to travel on, or great places to stop and explore that we’re having a hard time trying to do both.  But there are worse things in life.

Can’t stress enough that the GRR needs to be on your bucket list.

Rich & Chris ❤️

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