Sturgis Short Clips – Between the Episodes

Just some short clips of our Sturgis adventure – one of those “between the episodes” videos that we rarely have time to put together. 

But we felt that an explanation was in order on our travels, which have been a bit chaotic this summer as we meander around searching for that elusive 70 degrees.  It’s one thing to be in some sort of RV with air/heat – then maybe temperatures aren’t as much of an issue, but since we basically live in the outdoors 24/7 we’re more acutely aware of the toll that extreme swings in temperatures can have on us.

That being said, we just wanted to reconnect our episodes because the original Sturgis video was out of place in our timeline of where we were actually headed.

So here it is:

  1. Left MOA Rally and headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  2. After traveling around Michigan, we hightailed it to Sturgis, SD to meet Max, our son.
  3. From Sturgis we’ll now head to the Big Horn Mountains

 Chris & Rich ❤️

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