Let’s Change Things Up – WHY NOT?

It’s time to get back to what we love the most – motorcycle riding and exploring the US on motorcycles – it can’t get any better than that for us!

In this episode we’re moving from our popup motorcycle trailer to something a bit more permanent – can you guess what it will be?

Major life changes are part of, well, life!

That’s true for us – riding and living on motorcycles was a crazy idea, but we thought, “Why not?” And we’re having the same thought with our next step.

We kind of look at change as just options, when one option isn’t working or has moved past its expiration date, move on to the next one and test that out.

Your life is an adventure worth pursuing, so don't let change derail you. Take the time to acknowledge and embrace it and then get back on that horse – errrrrr…motorcycle - and ride, baby, ride!

Stayed tuned for more riding than ever!!

Rich & Chris ❤️

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