How and Why we sold it all to live on Motorcycles

We are about to set out on our biggest adventure yet!  Here’s the plan…living and traveling full time on our motorcycles (and trailer). 

In this prequel we circle back to the past to bring you up to speed…WHY we decided to make this transition (in our 50’s no less!) and HOW we accomplished the 101 things that needed to be done before hitting the road. 

And this was all done during a PANDEMIC! 

When less means more – what does that even mean?  Well, we’re about to find out.  We quit our jobs, sold our 2500 sq. ft. house and now live out of a 21 cu. ft. motorcycle trailer. 

We hope you join us on this crazy adventure!  We not entirely sure what we’re doing… but, we’re going to do it anyway… and, we’re going to do it together! 

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