Goodbye Colorado Hello The Great Salt Lake


IS IT WORHT IT?  Is the Great Salt Lake worth visiting?  In our humble opinion - Yes!


The Great Salt Lake is unique.  There are very few salt lakes in the world, so to skip this one, knowing it might be your one and only opportunity to immerse yourself into a salt lake makes this place worth stopping for.


We’ve heard horror stories about the flies and brine shrimp and to be quite honest – yes, they are there.  But on the day we visited the park, we were blessed with a strong wind that kept the flies at bay.  As for the shrimp, it’s not like you’re going to be eating these little, teeny tiny buggers, so we just made sure to shower once out of the water and never gave them a second thought.


All in all, it was a bucket list item – CHECK – and we were off for Idaho.


Til next time - ride safe!

Rich and Chris

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