Bunk-A-Biker (S2 E19)Couch Surfing for Motorcycles – What Could be Better Than That!

We’ve been on the road all summer and have used the Bunk-a-Biker network for some of our travel days.  I can’t say enough about the amazing people who make up this group.  Every single stay we’ve had we’ve been invited into homes and treated like long-lost family.  We’ve ridden away from each place feeling so blessed by the encouragement, comradeship and fellowship.

Bunk-a-Biker, created by a spunky innovator named Zee Traveler, consists of motorcycle enthusiasts who voluntarily open their land/homes/trailers to traveling motorcyclists in need of lodging for the night. 

It’s an amazing community and you’ll leave having made new friends – oh, and usually a full belly as well.  There’re some mighty fine cooks in this community – just saying.  In addition to all that, these are the locals who can hook you up with travel plans and/or any emergency bike repairs that need to be done.

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