ADV Motorcycle Riding Gone Wrong! | BIG BEND MOTORCYCLE RIDING

ADV Motorcycle Riding Gone Wrong! Are we ready for a BDR yet?  Probably not after tackling the Old River Road in Big Bend National Park on our ADV motorcycles.   It becomes apparent that our big ADV bikes are outmatched by the smaller, nimbler ADV bikes.

Many mistakes were made and many lessons were learned from this adventure – all of which, in our honesty to keep it real, we share with you here.  Sometimes we amaze ourselves on just how little we know about many things.

Rich & Chris ❤️


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Brian Aust March 05, 2022

Vos motos sont trops lourdes si vous voulez faire du terrain difficile longtemps.Merci.

jean jacques Soyeux February 28, 2022

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