Motorcycle Ride - Jemez Mountain Trail in Northern New Mexico

Motorcycle trip in Northern New Mexico.  The Jemez Mountain Trail consists of New Mexico 4, 126 & 550.  Our motorcycle trip stated in San Ysidro at the junction of New Mexico 4 and US 550.  A word to the wise – they take speeding very seriously in this town!  Just saying.  San Ysidro is a farming community, established in 1699.

Jemez, San Ysidro, New Mexico

Next stop is Walatowa, which is about a mile after Jemez Pueblo.  Due to “The Mess” going on everything was closed, so we just motored onward, marveling at the Red Rocks with their brilliant red, iron laden stone set against the vivid blue sky.

In Jemez Springs resides a long-time favorite bar – Los Ojos, with logs instead of stools at the bar.  Not that we could go inside due to all bars and restaurants being closed.  So, we contented ourselves with a picture in the parking lot and moved on down the road.

New mexico, Los Ojos bar, Jemez

Jemez, New Mexico, Los Ojos

Just a few miles north of Jemez Springs is Soda Dam – one of the most photographed features in the Jemez.  Over the centuries, the rock formations give the appearance of a moaning monster ready to pounce on unsuspecting visitors, but that’s just my imagination.

Jemez, New Mexico, Soda Dam

Jemez, New Mexico, Soda Dam

Spotting a forest road, we darted on down it in search of the perfect picnic spot. 

Jemez, New Mexico

After lunch it was on to the Valle Caldera National Preserve – New Mexico’s resident super volcano with its expanse of forest and vast meadows throughout the area. 

Jemez, New Mexico, Valle caldero

Jemez, New Mexico, Valle Caldero

The Jemez Mountain Trail continues on 126, but the pass wasn’t open yet for the year and we were a bit worried about the so-called 8 miles of unpaved road, so we turned around after visiting the Valle Calera area and headed back to Albuquerque. All in all – it was an amazing trip on the bikes.


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