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We’re Richard and Chris – motorcycle adventurists.  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel across country on a motorcycle, dragging your belongings behind you in a trailer that’s smaller than your bathtub?   Well, that’s us!  Rich travels on a Harley Davidson RoadGlide towing a Bushtec trailer in his wake and I (Chris) ride a BMW K1200GT.

So many years ago that I don’t care to mention them, we rode motorcycles and took many cross country traveling adventures.  With the addition of three children the motorcycles were replaced with boats and jet skis – things more conducive to life with kids.

As the kids got older, the boats and jet skis were slowly replaced with motorcycles once again and life was good.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the transition back into bikes soon enough for our daughter (Savannah) to catch the bug, but the boys have been going full throttle.

Fast forward to when our middle son (Zach) turned 17 and Rich took him to Sturgis’ 75th anniversary.  Yes, I know – no Parent of the Year award for us on that one.  But it was a trip he’ll never forget.

Soon after that, on the day our youngest son (Max) turned 16, we plopped him on a Yamaha 650 and set out on a 2200 mile road trip that forever turned him into a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. 

Now that we’re empty nesters (or will be soon – shhh - don’t tell the boys) we’re back doing what we love the most – traveling the back roads of America.  As much as we can we try to stay off the highways and travel on the forgotten roads of America’s past.  It’s even taken us down some dirt roads we probably had no reason being on with the type of bikes we travel on, but that’s half the adventure right there – going around just one more corner to see what we can find.  Our adventures take us to places we’ve never been before, encounter things we’ve never seen before and ultimately discover ourselves in the process. 

We’ve dusted off our tent, purchased new sleeping bags and even splurged on an air mattress (because we are a bit older now than when we were doing it back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) and we invite you to make the journey with us.

No matter if you’re a novice rider wanting a bit more freedom in your life, a weekend road tripper, or you’ve just completed your third Iron Butt challenge, we want to encourage and inspire you to discover the freedom that traveling on two wheels can provide. 

You are not alone in this crazy, irrationally passionate love of motorcycle riding!

Till next time.  Ride safe!



Just discovered the channel a couple weeks ago. Love it! I’m 45, married, three kids, and have been an avid motorcyclist since I started riding at 7. You guys are living my dream for sure.

Chad Davis November 22, 2022

I travel and camp in a teardrop behind my 2014 harley limited
Will keep up with you blog

Jerald Diggs August 31, 2019

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