CROSSING INTO MEXICO - Inside Big Bend National Park

Boquillas MX Crossing:

Inside Big Bend National Park is an international border crossing to a tiny village known as Boquillas, Mexico.  That’s right - inside the National Park!  It’s a border crossing so unique, comes complete with wading across the Rio Grand River (or riding in a row boat), a donkey ride into town and some of the best spicy Mexican food to be found.

A Few Helpful Tips for the Border Crossing:

  1. You need a passport
  2. Cash is KING!! Preferably US dollars
  3. Check with at the border crossing on hours of operation. If you’re not back across by closing time, you will be staying in Mexico for the night.
  4. To get across the Rio Grande River, you have the option of swimming/wading (depends on the water level) or paying $5 (round trip) for a guided row boat
  5. To get to town (less than ½ mile away), you have the option of walking or paying $5 round trip for a mule ride
  6. A guide is not necessary, but enjoyable to have. They’ll show you the best restaurant and give a tour of the town with some history to it.
  7. Bring water with you – don’t drink the tap water (they do sell bottled water)
  8. Tipping is always appreciated – remember this is their livelihood

Boquillas might be a stone’s throw away, but it’s a completely different world.  Definitely a unique National Park and Mexico experience!

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