What a crazy, awesome year it has been!  And we want you to know that we appreciate you so much for being a part of it with us. 

And we have great plans for you in 2021 – new travels, a new trailer and so much more!  Stay tuned…

Rich & Chris ❤️


I’m really looking forward to what you guys bring in 2021, new trailer?!?! I cant wait to see that as well. Ride safe friends

keith bostick February 05, 2021

Hi really looking forward to your 2021 videos. If you guys ever get close to Sioux Falls S. D. again you guys are welcome to stay with us. You would have your own bedroom with queen bed, family room and private bath and you can adjust the water temp in the shower. Lol.
I still ride two wheels but had to down size at age 77 and short legs. If it was a perfect world one wouldn’t have to worry about your foot slipping and dropping your bike.Thinking about ordering a H W K textile jacket like Chris did a review on if it is holding up well. Well take care you two and thanks again for the tour of the country on two wheels and send more videos.

Rod Kramer February 04, 2021

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