Cooler Upgrade - Is it as Good as a YETI ??


Did you know that your cooler isn't as super insulated as you thought and you're wasting money constantly filling it up with ice only to see it melt within in a short period of time?  While the body of most coolers is insulated, the lid might not be - and that's causing your ice to not last as long as it could.

 The good news is there's a quick and cheap solution to this problem. All you need is a can of Foam a Fil, drill holes and some silicone to make whatever type of cooler you own into something more ice friendly.

 So before you go shelling out a ton of money for a more expensive cooler, try spending $5 and a short amount of your time to upgrade your own cooler and increase the life of your ice.

 This video will show you how to make your inexpensive cooler better without breaking the bank!

 Till next time, ride safe!

Rich & Chris


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