DYI Motorcycle Trailer Solar Panel

In this episode we go over our complete solar installation for our motorcycle trailer. After months of planning, we were able to purchase all the components of our system. Rich dove deep into the world of all things solar, gaining knowledge to do everything himself (with the help from a friend – Thanks @Muck505). We’ll break down the design of Rich’s solar project and show the components along with the installation onto Big Bertha (our Bushtec trailer).

It’s time to hit the road in style with our off-grid solar living. We think it turned out fantastic and can't wait to really push its limits when we hit the road next.


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Good day. Enjoyed the information. I recently purchased a bunkhouse camper and would love to see more on how you moved the system to yours. Also some links to the components.

Patrick April 11, 2021

My comments are not meant to criticize – these are just suggestions for improvement – in my opinion :-)
Here’s another one: if you could eliminate the inverter, you would get much more usable charge out of the battery.
See for example:

Wes November 18, 2020

The idea is great, but I see a few issues that might affect long-term durability of the system:
1. Solar panel itself I believe should have more mounting points / rails connecting it to the rack. As it is, with constant shaking, the panel will probably eventually crack.
2. The weight inside the box is not evenly distributed (with heavy battery on one side, and mostly empty space on the other side). That probably causes an excessive stress on the mounting brackets with which it’s attached to the hitch. It could eventually break, and if it does, the box will fall off. Solution: move the battery to the center of the box.
3. The box looks like it’s not waterproof (enough).
4. The cable (leads) connecting the panel to the box are hanging freely over the edge of the trailer, and again, with time, with constant shaking, the insulation will be worn off, and the cable will be shorted.

Wes November 10, 2020

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Infingearrono September 26, 2020

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