Coats For Kids Motorcycle Charity Run. Finding a Need and Filling it.

Join us as we go on the Coats For Kids Motorcycle Charity Run. I don't think it's official, but we're proclaiming December as the National Giving Month.  Did you know that 30% of all charity giving occurs in December?  Or that many non-profits receive as much as 50% of their annual funding in December?

To promote National Giving Month, Rich and I went on an amazing charity run to benefit Coats For Kids.  Coats For Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing coats for kids who need them "one New coat at a time".  Their motto is "kids should not have to worry about being cold for lack of a coat".

The only requirement to participate in this ride was to bring a NEW coat - oh, and a motorcycle so that you could enjoy a beautiful ride through the scenic countryside of Aubrey, Texas.  

Almost 800 motorcycles attended this event and a whopping 2,447 new coats were donated!  Who said motorcycle riders aren't a generous lot?  

Till next time, ride safe!

Rich & Chris


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