Bring It Home 2019 - Guinness Book of World Records – CRUSHED!

Bring It Home, 2019 World Record for the Largest Parade of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

What’s It All About

October 5th, 2019 marked the breaking of a Guinness Book of World Records with the largest parade of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Up until that day, Patras, Greece held the record with 2,404 Harley motorcycles.  And now the US has BROUGHT THE RECORD HOME with 3,497 Harley motorcycles.

Where It Was Held

The parade was held at Cox Field Airport in Paris, TX – an exceptionally hot and sunny Texas day, but Harley riders are a fierce and resilient lot, to say the least.  So, a little discomfort was met in the typical Harley fashion, with much revving of the engines, honking of the horns, loud whistles and the shucking of leather vests.

Motorcycle Missions – A Charity Organization

Ticket proceeds went to benefit Motorcycle Missions, a non-profit organization whose goal is to help Veterans and First Responders deal with PTSD as they find hope and healing through motorcycle therapy.

Motorcycle Missions has two programs that donations fund.  The first is “Project MX”.  This is a once a month camp where participants develop new riding skills.  Donations go toward the cost of the program, which include maintaining bikes, gear, lunch and coaching.

The other program is “Motorcycle Build Mentorship Program”.  Donations go toward the motorcycle, parts, fabrication, finishing costs along with licensing and registration costs.  Participants in this program participate in the building of a motorcycle, which, once completed, is raffled off to fund the next bike build.


A big shout out to Paris Harley-Davidson and Adam Sandoval of ScootinAmerica for their valiant efforts to BREAK THE WORLD RECORD for the largest parade of Harley-Davidson motorcycles!  Also to all the volunteers who made this event happen and to American Towing for coming to the rescue with water for all.


And a huge THANKS to all the riders who traveled from near and far to make this parade a success.  It couldn’t have been done without YOU!!

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